Political Problems of Assistatin
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The Political Problems of Assistatin is a majorprosopic normally project created by Podzemie started in October 2014.[1] The project is taking place on the city of Assistatin, allowing NPAA to obtaining various citizens of the city, while also incorporating elements from classic blalalian cities such as Dojč and Kalung and also involving new streets like Adventure.[2] In addition to obtaining new assistants through normal story, NPAA are able to obtain new assistants as members, which contain special codes that, once entered, allow the character to be became member. The project began prologue which in June 2014, and is enjoying full rollout with the Political Problems of Assistatin film and upcoming Inviting Win film assistant.


NPAA can move within Politic Palace, battle with enemies, subverting and muddling snafus. Assistants can also making progress by experiences. Political Palace contains numerous various streets accessed from a NPAA chancellery, with each street containing multiple chambers to raid. NPAA also can make a fratricide. The Hopo Robos's music album Papuan Dummy have songs from Plevrapolis.[2]


The prologue is completed. Story is live as of October, 2014.


The characters living in Political Palace are living in Assistatin, too. As of September 2014, several assistants were available for purchase for use in the game through 6 and 12 month administratory.


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