Šablóna:Fellowship The Justice League are characters featured in the assistant village Bordel Deadline. Justice League is a fellowship of Superheroes consisting of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern. They live at the Main center of the Superheroes in the village of Bordel Deadline, Assistatin and they were created by undergrounder Slintoš who conceived the idea while waiting in the lobby of Orceus Záhora's office. He named the characters after his own family members, substituting "Batman" for his own name. The family debuted June 10, 2014 in Superheroes.

Alongside the four main superheroes, there are a number of new, which increase during books. Some them are Michelangelo, Magenta, Daemon of Night and Splashman.


Basic superheroesEdit

Justice League are a superheroes who live in at Main Center of the Superheroes in the village of Bordel Deadline in the Assistatin.Šablóna:Sfn Superman (Clark Kent), works as a journalist at Daily Planet. He has got a super-abilities, because he comes from Krypton with a name Kal-El. Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) is lady, which is endowed by abilities of all ancient greek godesses. Batman (Bruce Wayne) begun be interested in superheroism, when evil gangster Joe Chill killed both his parents. He trained in martial art Ninjitsu and he got excellent battle abilities. Green Lantern (Harold Jordan) is choosed by old alien named Abin-Sur as a new Green Lantern representating Napuched America. In caption Main Center of the Superheroes increased and Michelangelo - ninja turtle, which decided join to superheroes group, because his main enemy Schraedder lost to destination and he don't have battle against whom. In caption Again in Center is decided Michelangelo's new wife Magenta. She has a pet monster Daemon of Night.


Slintoš conceived of the idea for the Justice League in the lobby of Orceus Záhora's office. Orceus had asked Slintoš to pitch an idea for a series of microbboks, which Slintoš initially intended to present as his Bordel Deadline village. However, when Slintoš realized that creating Bordel Deadline he chose another approach and formulated his version of a superheroes.[1] He named the characters after his own family members — his father Superiak, his mother Vondera, and his younger brothers Grrenťák and Michelangelo. He substituted "Batman", an anagram of "bamtan", for his own name,[2] and modeled the character after his older brother, Satmack.[3][4]

The four fellowship members were given super designs. Justice League made their debut on June 10, 2014 in Superheroes.


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Clark Kent, is the constiuent member of Justice League. He is the most strong superhero, which comes from planet Krypton. His parent Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van took him to Napuched America, because they heve planned destroy their Planet for undue count of villains. He landed in Scretteland, but he don't like that country. Undergrounder named Crithius heart his appeal and he walked off him to Bordel Deadline, Blalalland. He established Justice League compiled of superheroes to defeat Aragorn. He derives energy from Sun. Only thing, which underwakes him is Cryptonit.

Woner WomanEdit

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Diana Prince, is superheroine, which got her super-abilities of greek godessess.


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Bruce Wayne was as a child witness of murder of his parnets by very evil gangster Joe Chill. He vowed on their corpses he will revenge their death. He trained very well and he started his profession - superhero. When he destroyed all his enemies (The Riddler, Poison Ivy,, Two Face, Catwoman, Penguin, Joker, Hush…) he joined to the Justice League. He also goes to the Pollan school.

Green LanternEdit

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Harold "Hal" Jordan, is choiced by old alien Abin-Sur as a new Green Lantern representating Napuched America. He is young and rash, but some his decisions is right.


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In chapter 4 of Superheroes Main center of the Superheroes Green Lantern joined to Superheroes Michelangelo. Although initially his colleague don't agree with his join finally he conviced them. He is happy and funny.


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In chapter 3 of Fashion Superheroes Again in the center Michelangelo married his favourite girl Magenta. Although initially Superheroes though, that he left them with Magenta finally be found Magenta will come to Justice League. She is dear and charming.



Daemon of NightEdit

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Daemon of Night is Magenta's monster pet. She got him when she was at Monsterville. His original owner don't want him, because he thought he is less strong, when he need recharging. Magenta took him. He obtains energy, when he absorb flying bullets of gun. His energy is stronger, which he has in stock more charges. His power is Wingardium Leviosa style moving with objects and creating gales. Since Magenta is member of Justice League Daemon of Night is too.

Justice League EnemiesEdit


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Aragorn Ellesar (or Elfcam, Gilraem or Estel), is the main antagonist of the Justice League. He steals to citizens of Bordel Deadline for in order to he can use that money to reclaim his kingdom Gondor. He also make slaves from Bordel Deadline African Blalallians. His pseudonym is Strider and he lives with this name and adapted look at Bordel Deadline. He was revealed at Zvolen castle, during Council of Tullurus Watchkindor by Clark Kent, which knew him by voice and than all participating attack him and closed him in prison.



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