Šablóna:Fellowship The Fashion League are characters featured in the village Bordel Deadline. The Fashion League are a fellowship consisting of married couple Superantun and Ačabe Antina, The Bat and Ðúreztet Ta.

Alongside the four main superheroes, there are a Ðúreztet Ta's monster pet Mizantrophy.


Main membersEdit

The Fashion League is a fellowship created by Magenta modeled by Justice League.Šablóna:Sfn They all have a huge fashion sense. Superantun is a very romantic soul. He is married to Ačabe Antina and they both the love. With them is The Bat, purposeful superhero, which intervens whenever shold to be and Ðúreztet Ta. The fellowship owns a monster the worst in all Blalalland, Mizantrophy. It has had starring role in several libraries.


Magenta has created Fashion League by Justice League with some diferences. Main is, that they all love fashion and trendy clothes. Magenta created names by names of Justice League members in hopo language. Superantun=Superman Ačabe Antina=Wonder Woman Ðúreztet Ta=Green Lantern

The Bat's name is similar to Batman, but original name in hopo would haven been Batantun.


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Superantun, is the superhero, which have love sense. He very very very love his wife Ačabe Antina and he has given her red crayon and he for her has modeled red gun with pink hearts, which symbolise love.

Ačabe AntinaEdit

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Superantun's wife Ačabe Antina returns love to her husband and appreciate, how much Superantun love her.


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Bruce Simpson alias Bat began his superhero carrier, when he knew, that Justice League left Bordel Deadline.

Ðúreztet TaEdit

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Ðúreztet Ta is severe cold girl, which has got the worst monster in all Blalalland Mizantrophy. He isn't very strong and tactic, but her pet monster address all work for her.




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Mizantrophy, is the monster obtained in horrorville by Ðúreztet Ta. It address all work for Ðúreztet. It does things be physsical strenght and kills and destroys, when Ðúreztet wants.

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